"Bill, you are the first instructor that has given me swing information that worked on the range and the course. Thank You!"

-Kurt Lyle

Learn Like a Golf Pro.
From the guy who teaches golf pros.


Bill Moretti is a Class A PGA Professional and has been teaching golf professionally since 1979. He has owned and operated the Academy of Golf Dynamics from 1982 to 2009. He has taught over 1200 3-day schools and more than 30,000 students. He works with beginners, high, mid, and low handicappers, PGA and LPGA TOUR pros. It is said by some of the TOUR pros that Bill has the quickest eye as an instructor to detect swing flaws and faults and to correct swing problems.

Bill has had over 50 articles published in Golf Magazine and Golf Digest. He has been noted as a Top 100 instructor by Golf Magazine and ranked among the Top 25 Schools in America since the inception of the program. He was also awarded Top 50 Teacher status by Golf Digest and honored by the PGA Section as Teacher of the Year on three separate occasions (1993, 1998 and 2009). It is interesting to note that two instructors who have worked with Moretti have also gone on to be named National Teacher of the Year by the PGA.


In addition to articles for magazines and journals, Bill has written 7 books, 1 published, 5 school manuals:

  • Turn 3 shots into 2
  • How to Prepare for the Senior Tour
  • Full Swing That Works on the Course
  • J.L. Lewis’ Fundamentals for Power
  • Fred Funk’s Fundamentals for Accuracy
  • Personality Types of Students
  • Swing Types

Tour Players

Bill has worked with more than 50 PGA and LPGA TOUR players – most recently, Joe Ogilvie, Fred Funk, Harrison Frazar, Loren Roberts, and J.L.Lewis. He has also worked with junior golfers for 30 years. His effectiveness is demonstrated by two impressive facts. First, a large percentage of these young people have gone on to receive golf scholarships. Second, Bill instructs the Westlake High School (Austin) golf team which won State in 2009 by 11 shots.


CEOs and executives of major firms trust Bill Moretti to work with their top customers to improve their golf games. And no wonder. Moretti has been involved with corporate outings since 1982. And since 1985, he has conducted an annual week-long outing during the Masters for top Fortune 500 corporations.


Academy of Golf Dynamics at the Hills of Lakeway


"I believe instruction should be very individualized. I have an interview process for each student. In most instances I bring out the best qualities of a golfer’s swing and build upon them. I eliminate the unnecessary thoughts and parts of the swing that have not allowed the golfer to be consistent. Instruction is also based on the golfer’s build, flexibility and coordination, personality type, learning style, ball flight, practice time and goals. I always consider that the instruction given must work and translate to the course, not just the practice tee. Golfers will leave with personalized knowledge, visualizations and drills designed to help them continue to improve on their own after the lesson. Students also leave knowing the causes and effects of their own swing and shot patterns."